Metal detecting is exciting and great fun. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced at treasure hunting or not, metal detecting offers an opportunity to find valuable treasures and promotes an active lifestyle. Treasure hunting gets you outdoors to explore and helps you meet new people who share your interest in metal detection. This hobby […]

My first sand scoop was made of plastic with a metal mesh screen to sift the sand. It worked fine in the dry sand but was practically worthless in the wet sand or in the water. It did not have a long handle on it, so I had to get down on one knee to […]

How to construct your own test garden. After you become acquainted with your metal detector, besides getting to know your metal detector and how it works, it is a good idea and will certainly be of great value, in the long run, to build a test plot or test garden. A test garden will aid […]

Most people who get into the hobby of metal detecting probably fancy the idea of detecting gold, either in the form of gold coins or even nuggets and grains of free gold. The great thing is that you can become a gold prospector with your metal detector and you don’t have to go panning along […]

Coins are something that every metal detectorist is going to find a lot of, and they will be dirty. So what should you do? What is the best way to clean the coins you find? I have gathered together some ideas that may be helpful. Don’t use chemicals without first researching them. I don’t use […]

Your great-grandfather was courting your great-grandmother. Her diary tells you that they frequently sat down under the old oak tree just behind the house. You take your new metal detector and anxiously scan the ground beneath the tree. Your heart is pounding as it suddenly rings in your headphones. What treasure have you discovered? Did […]