Nowadays lots and lots of people are into metal detecting. Not only it is very exciting to find treasure out there but it is a very nice hobby to start with. It will keep you fit and active. However, most hobbyists, especially those who just started this hobby find it hard to detect valuables and […]

The Compass metal detector is a popular brand in the metal detecting community. Indeed, if you want your fair share of rare coins and other small treasures, Compass is the way to go. The name has been around for ages actually. It has been many years since metal detectors from Compass have been made. Despite […]

Looking for the best metal detector for a beginner will likely be overwhelming for a new metal detectorist. There are numerous brands, models, and other options to pick from. Being familiar with what to search for will make this a simpler process. Some of the things that are likely to affect your choice about what […]

White’s beginnings go back as far as 1950 and the uranium craze. This was a period of time in the US when all over the country people were looking for uranium . It was at this time that the only Geiger Counters available used headphones and Ken White Sr (founder of White’s Electronics) quickly learned […]

Gold has been sought after since the beginning of human history. It is a very rare, dark yellow element and due its rareness and shine, it is extremely valuable and used in various types of jewelry. Several gold detectors have been designed with today’s technologies, but the chances of finding a considerable amount of this […]

The importance of metal detectors is growing day by day, as they are employed for all purposes from leisure to work and safety. Metal detectors of various types and prices are available now. Usually, the price of a metal detector starts from $75.00. But, the prices of metal detectors with most sophisticated features and functions, […]

No matter why you’re treasure hunting, you should consider a Garret Ace 250 metal detector. It’s a favorite of both experienced and new hunters alike for metal detectors under the $250 price range. For one thing, the Garret Company has some 40 years of engineering behind it. They are not new to the manufacture of […]