Metal detector devices function to find and locate items that are made of metal or those with metal components. These tools have the ability to locate metal elements even from underneath the ground. During the war, detector gadgets contributed to great things in certain battlefields. Known as mine detectors, they are used to locate land […]

Copper has occupied a prominent space in the global market as it has become one of the most important industrial metals. Like most metals, it is scarce and obtaining it is an arduous and dangerous task. Thus, because of its high demand, even recyclable or recycled copper prices have increased. Copper is an important material […]

Bunk beds have been used by thousands of children from all over the world throughout the years. And such beds continue to increase in popularity as their designs and styles continue to progress, as well. Nowadays, they are classified according to their materials and models. Among the most widely known types are the metal bunk […]

A look back at the development of Water Leak detection in Computer & Server Rooms Water leak detection came about in the late 70’s when computer rooms were in there infancy. Computer rooms as today, contain air conditioning which contains water for humidifiers and sometimes chilled water for cooling. Because of the large amount of […]

Having been a metal detector hobbyist some years before the advent of discriminators, I was thrilled with their introduction in the 70’s. I thought I had arrived when I got my first discriminator, a White’s Coinmaster. I sat that detector’s discrimination as high as I could go because I was tired of digging pop tops, […]

My favorite metal detector to use for hunting nuggets is the Garrett Infinium LS. It is a Pulse Induction detector (PI) which is very different from a VLF machine. A pulse Induction detector is more like sonar that cuts on and off within milliseconds and is not effected by ground minerals. A VLF (very low-frequency) […]

Many types of metal detectors are available to the metal detecting hobbyist, but the two that are primarily manufactured for and used by the hobbyist are the VLF (very low-frequency) and PI (pulse induction) detector. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The intent of this article is to give the beginner metal detecting enthusiast some […]